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still strange for me to digest that we have so much water particles, and insted of a mass, its just tiny pieces glued to form what the senses perceive, if u could just change into different shapes for a day, how would they be? And if you would magically shapeshift to a raindrop (which started jumping on my window), guess would be some funky and supersonicly raw visuals on the way down from the cloud! yeah! Wonder how the different surroundings would feel depending of what the particle is a part of! hmm, okay, back to original shape for now..coffe and plasma lights, and vision and inspiration from a particular and peculiar particle visual smasher Sooz

All that is solid melts into the air. from Sooz on Vimeo.


let yourself feel. from Esteban Diácono on Vimeo.

inner stories

different wayz of extrioirizing the inner world? the in indoor camera angulation meal cumming up…

by  ZEITGUISED via pandaclock


Falling asleep with a bunch under the sky addicted on old movies seen last when could barely speak, with visitors and new inputs and much comedy from  the homeyland, makes us transport to the other realities for a little while, from the other side of the movemented snatchers in plasma coats, a spikee lee movie Where the Wild Things Are coming out, to burtons alice in wonderland stirring the imaginary world, to the tron remake zooming threw soon, some visulal candy to look fwd to… and as dowloads increase, cinematic screening shifts slowly to the 3d much can we change the experience of screening movies? tbc..

a sundayed state of mind

how does your mindflow today?

a clean echo?

Tales of the Unexpected from More Soon on Vimeo.

rting with video and sound editing, something havent touch much for more than 30 months, curious how the echo reflects in sound and motion…

creamy blues

from the visual munch of dvein   Dvein: F5 Titles from F5 on Vimeo.

forget or not forget

Forget from Michael Fragstein on Vimeo.

strange what we keep in and block out the wrinkled mushed brain of ours, found this video, enjoying the visualia of the anime, though should hit the shower, kidnapp mi self out the house , think this lazy dazing is just mmmm

retro futura anime

Justice – DVNO from Freedom Record on Vimeo.

retro f illustrations



pics of belin artwork at montana gallery

How much mind elasticity does each person have? How much mind flexing does one do? And does the elasticity change from person to person? Flexicity, elasticity, stretching own limits to new heights, how much are we willing to stretch? What makes us stretch to new outer limits? How does the stretching change the individual? a society? thee Culture? A global mind state? How often do we flex out to new heights, how much time to we repeat within old boundaries? When we flex out, do we re-bounce back to our old state? Or do we expand the elastic bubble cape? How do the memories print in on this flex xyz axis? What makes us want to change to new extremes? Limited situations? Reaching out for the new grooves? Mind doing freestyles…

how much stretching is enough? or  to little? can we stretch so that it breaks? Or un-stretch and shrink?

Reflexing on the flexing

Bounce to space

by pablo vazquezz

computer generated stretching

Brandon Morse: Procedural animation

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