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Archived entries for sci-cology


“Creative mind has the spirit of a warrior. The warrior throughout history has embodied the qualities of clear intent, fearlessness, determination, and a willingness to conquer new territory”


pic 1 is from unknown artist ,a cyklop & 3rd is by shaper pan jaime hayon

“Only when the brain is confronted with stimuli that it has not encountered before does it start to reorganize perception. The surest way to provoke the imagination, then, is to seek out environments you have no experience with”.. zoom in more ´bout neuroscience sheds new light on creativity


belinda chen &   kropilak

was thinkin of how bananas all is when we go for it and start changing everything in the physical world, but later on came croos this virual space invetigatum ,so decided could glued in here >>> digital-identities

“Today almost ev­erybody has at least one dig­ital rep­resentation on one of the nu­mer­ous social communities, like Flickr, Facebook and MySpace. We cre­ate these pro­files to ex­press our­selves, find friend­ship, connection and gain rep­u­tation…”


mapped by darklord disco and synthesized by christelle bonnet

as we have the freedom to choose whatever we want, pararell choices lurk in, and spin within, free choice of a city, a creative expression, moral levels, lifestyle, reshaping from sctratch or buiding on the existing… how can to many choices spaghetiilize the system? funky thoughts by >>>>> barry schwartz <<<<<link<<<< on the paradox of choice



class of 78 by serialcut

i woke up with the word “eloquent” in my head and and a smell melancholy  from a street in new jersey! whatzz up?

There´s something funky viewing works like serialcut, it has this augmented reality feel, kinda real, but not really, i saw surrogates the other day…anyways these works just looks like someone really enjoyed themselves in the process…and they all look like delicious eye candy and they gravitize …so what is creative inspiration? here is two views on the case;

“Funny how the mind works. The visions that come in like a flood, the blocks that temporarily immobilize, the defeats that send us back to the proverbial drawing board, the triumphs of fitting the pieces of the puzzle together, the satisfaction that comes with knowing something is right. The mind lurches, stalls, sprints, strolls, stifles, flows. We so often ask “What do you think?” while neglecting to ask the more interesting question, “How do you think?””..read me more



animated gif threw phantomoftheradio and old pic from unknown source and artist

audioreactive – magneto from jorinna on Vimeo.

as fred astaire danced in the rain inside the black box,  I used to playdance as a kid in the livingroom! I always  wanted to start stepdancing, and even found a school 2 years ago, but still  posponed that first lesson… Makes me mindloop of the great mashup music that is coming out with that rustic sound mixed with todays composer cuts… what makes us like some beats and sundwaves over others?  how is our attraction to frequencies…theres great book of the subject of our brain on music…by link and link soundmunching

Synesthesia from Terri Timely on Vimeo.



NASA tools and X

so my site was on blackout for a day/night, but  thanx 2 my coder the talented mr urbankid,that performed his operation its back and alive! I visualized something awsume i wanted yesterday, it was straight in the bulleye!  Thinks I  need to keep in focus to move towords it, that can be a buzz when full tank motivated, and difficult with digital noise around! But i have a carrot and if i get it guess depends on my own efficiancy and asskick! reading this connected book in between …”long term happiness depends 50% on a persons genetic set points, 10% on circumstances…and 40% and what they choose to think and do..” christakis & folwler..so today im just trying to stay focused and of nicotine and on honeywater is mindcrossing…

“But how do you “tune in” to just one thought or idea and ignore all the rest of what is going on around you, until it comes time to think of something else? more on brain filter




eyescapes by rankin and  camera via here

“Imagine if you could look at something once and remember it forever. You would never have to ask for directions again. Now a group of scientists has isolated a protein that mega-boosts your ability to remember what you see…further read

but wouldn´t one go crazy if could remember all the details? what would u want to remember more? from the thought u forgot? visual memory labirinth curiocity *o!o*



it wasn´t that funny, but doubt can be inspiring toooo…proof and focus followed..



cloned from iso50

we did the science polonaise with vodka and mind fusion art scienceand a social obserations… and dancing, elephants, spinalcords, genetics,, tectonic plates, antibodiies, microbiology, techno micro shapes of miicropes, the dna, cross breeding miinds and boardflows, phærmones and what we look for geneticly,blootypes 0rh+

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