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“reality is the limits we put on ourselves”


moment snatched by thomas brown threw its nice that


how much time is used on autopilots? how do crowds form and new situations modify the view of the past? how do poeople find protection within groups, tribes and bubbles? And do autopilots have other autopilots?

“‘No Keyframes’, which is based entirely on automated setups. Each scene represents a specific functionality, which in itself generates interesting effects. The film shows spheres as they travel through various environments, interacting with elements in these environments and causing different reactions in each of them. Contrary to the approach taken in classic keyframe animation it was important to us to create self-sustaining models whose behavior was controlled by the rules of physics, similar to a real-world physical environment.”

No_keyframes from 1st on Vimeo.

retro cream


can the past be modified by present, and future the now? nadia planted..
retrocausuality mindweaving threw, can some people only see in 2d? whoot dimension is cut out?

focus (.)

from multple channels, windows, multitasking, pararell info injection, how doeas the wired and weblifted gen focus?

focus from Castll on Vimeo.

in the making

so if there is a maker inside of us trying to make something, what is it really that we are trying to make? create? construct? envision? reform? remake? what is it we would really like to make? is it just the pleasure of making? if u would have a blank sheet and a week on a deserted island with basic needs covrerd and great music, what would u make?

LEGO – LEGO TOWERS from BIG on Vimeo.

sci-chologising on towel day //  towel day tribute to douglas adams at wikipedia //  twitter

reality check

Woke up suuuuuper early today, with the thoughts about reality in my head with a sharp half moon in the sky, i considered options of sleeping more or nut, with the skylamps turned off outside, get a little fuzzy with the timing. with lack of light outside, but then knowladedge of that the break of dawn should be around that corner.. so waking up with the sun today!
Reality… strange big word… maybe i got it in my system because was falling in and out of sleep with a retro space movie haven’t seen in a very long time, and from falling and waking up to that background, i remember dreaming fusions of the movie and some own life mash-ups..and remember enjoying the strangeness..

So after waking up and hanging out there in my own mind-space, was thinking about what is reality anyways? in the sense of that if you think u know that or that, or believe you know, because thats your reality based on personal experience, and the next moment u discover/experience something else, that changes that whole view of what one considered was real.. then was thinking of poeple that work daily with creativity and use imagination, reforming, envisioning, and twisting reality into something new on daily basis, i mean one knows that one is doing a creative play, but in the same time establishing, breaking down and stretching reality to new heights..

enterining the custom music player and one of the last songs posted is ny Chris Thile – This Is All Real” with the comment of “feeling really unreal”.

//from wikipediareality is defined as “the state of things as they actually exist” , The term reality, in its widest sense, includes everything that is, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible// …phenomenological reality, truth and fact.

what if everyone just has their own interpratation of reality? *O.=* enough monday mornin´braino spaghetti, back to life…

Reality from on Vimeo.

Perceiving Reality from ARIfilms on Vimeo.

Twisted Reality from Arlon Stok on Vimeo.

Reality from on Vimeo.

the curious case of jumping

Sometimes I have a strange crave for jumping, I don’t really know where it comes from, maybe I was some strange kangaroo in another space-place. I jump when my heart is smiling, but this weekend  I manage to scratch my knees a little hard after night bench jumps! So have decided to make a post upon the lifted or aired visuals, be-winged and such imaginary


from Zibby

David Coombs

from ola nordmann

from stigeredoo

from David Ung

Extreme Trampoline

from Andy Galletly

Jump from Tristan Prior

from Dan Heuser

from sandy

from Daniel on Vimeo.

from Alan Maxwell

from Olive Bieringa

from Tom Carter

We start bouncing and jumping from the moment we can stand, then we endure in jumping games on the street, trampolines, ropes. Some humans jump their life threw  concerts, sports, others threw spaceleisures like kiting or othersever smashing limits of space jumps like joe Kittnger! jump jump jump!

le joe kittinger´s spacejump!!

“entire body is temporarily airborne by the relatively long duration of the aerial phase and high angle of initial launch” wikipedia

adding a trampoline to wishlist!


I dont know, once in the while the brain gets a extra muscle working in there and all suddenly all feels brighter and wider…today is one of them, just singing in the cold…

I think were all fighting with something, and yeah in the arts we get it out on, but i know were a diffierent little funki generation, i think were building a whole new way of thinking, couse we´re the connected strange ones, were fighting against it, couse it wasn´t there befote, we dont want the globalizad and comercializad, we want local and underground, yet attracted to the other side…it´s all strange …my Google reader iz busting with information overload, my rocky Joint downstairs is playing Diamond ear rounds in overfilled sig smoke, yet cant forget that short essay wrote about the 1984 book back in high school where the influence of van daniken books and science and Carnegie books made a spaghetti in my head combined with space cowboys and multi roots..and paralell inner worlds combined with different realities and languages…there was something about the impotance of filtering
balancing like acrobats all that input, …dreamreality …new working ways, not giving up on thems, and combinig them to daily bread and so on….
I guess the future of all has some collobarative magic to it, that stuff that blues and glues us all together, listnig to great blips and taking that last sig befote hitting bed…and Imaginig all that other stuff to come…good nights and liveli mornings…

The elasticity of time and the flow

Why is it the time is actually measured in our mind? The clock as we know it is a pin pointer to the hours of the day, but how the hour, minute, day or month is perceived is so much more personalized? It’s like this, when the passion of life is fully enjoyed, it be flying, when I wait for something, it just doesn’t want to tic fwd, I don’t like waiting, and even though I have my methods of entertaining myself quite easily, its when different stuffo come together, and puts a standstill of waiting for several things, its just like watching cream being poured into gigantic swimming pool in slow motion…even though I know my effectiveness can be speeded, I snatch out of a task and its like this blobby cream…today was such a day, I know its Monday, and tomorrow is going to be supersonic cause of all the thingies need to fill in one day, but it just makes me wonder, how we personalize time, how we breathe, and how differently the heart ticks depending on the mood…
Bananas about flow once I read that within a branch of psychology, flow is the ultimate state where time as we know it traditionally by the clock, passes by almost unnoticed, we jump into things that passionate us and makes us happy, and zoom away…I loves that Keeling, guess its that feeling that makes me the most happiest, when time disappears, when it gets so abstract, and u get so absorbed that nothing else matters…it happens when I travel, when I draw, design, think, listen to great music, write, dance, have great conversations, investigate, puzzle, figure things out, , watch great stuff, observe, Google up new fun staff…looks..ály_Csíkszentmihályi

yeah!! The ego flows away, time zooms away, and u get completly bananas bout what ur doing in that very momento!!

Then I found this huggable batterie…

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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