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by brock davis and by allure allure

check out the tatalk at bout the curious case of metaphores by james geary

i think im getting a day flue day, my throat feels like the green cap, and my head feels like the aquamarine forest, so stashing in on  chicksoup and lime, or should i garlic and honey ninjafeed the body ? battling these little invaders in mi body, think too much nightjumps in frozen winterlandia electrified my health antennas *=!=*


Jellyfish from TED_KANAKUBO on Vimeo.tu self: find artist name on posts!!!!!!

frequency sincronization goodies


playing with hues, contrasts and color paletts, maybe our inner contrast perceived by the mind and leveled and adjusted in our inner cores regulates its own reality color twitching at times?..


Its like something let me go and I jumped on a familiar frequencies of the flow, somewhere i found my smile again, and all around me i get smiles from total strangers again…it fills my tanks, especially from the old and elderly passbyers…, realizing that nothing has to be constant, that don´t need to plan to fit in to what is expected, just do again, forget good and bad, and think inspiring or not…and everything will be whatever we choose it to be, whenever  with whoever… world is our playground, and we can have or be, balance it how we wish and explore whatever one desires, information diet lurked in,the mind filter got stronger and the head spaghetti somehow unwinded to a inspired flow momentum…


belinda chen &   kropilak

was thinkin of how bananas all is when we go for it and start changing everything in the physical world, but later on came croos this virual space invetigatum ,so decided could glued in here >>> digital-identities

“Today almost ev­erybody has at least one dig­ital rep­resentation on one of the nu­mer­ous social communities, like Flickr, Facebook and MySpace. We cre­ate these pro­files to ex­press our­selves, find friend­ship, connection and gain rep­u­tation…”


mapped by darklord disco and synthesized by christelle bonnet

as we have the freedom to choose whatever we want, pararell choices lurk in, and spin within, free choice of a city, a creative expression, moral levels, lifestyle, reshaping from sctratch or buiding on the existing… how can to many choices spaghetiilize the system? funky thoughts by >>>>> barry schwartz <<<<<link<<<< on the paradox of choice



entire blog dedicate to slow motion captures! stricltly lucidmovement via the great Jean Calomfirescu :::::::: the fascination of slow motion since eternity, an extension on a diferent gravity, the capture of movement on the diffent paste, when i was a kid and wanted to speed up time couse unpatient waiting, i would change the clock pinters to where i needed them…kinda different now i guess…should  it? anyways great to watch these flowlicioucies video sauses



class of 78 by serialcut

i woke up with the word “eloquent” in my head and and a smell melancholy  from a street in new jersey! whatzz up?

There´s something funky viewing works like serialcut, it has this augmented reality feel, kinda real, but not really, i saw surrogates the other day…anyways these works just looks like someone really enjoyed themselves in the process…and they all look like delicious eye candy and they gravitize …so what is creative inspiration? here is two views on the case;

“Funny how the mind works. The visions that come in like a flood, the blocks that temporarily immobilize, the defeats that send us back to the proverbial drawing board, the triumphs of fitting the pieces of the puzzle together, the satisfaction that comes with knowing something is right. The mind lurches, stalls, sprints, strolls, stifles, flows. We so often ask “What do you think?” while neglecting to ask the more interesting question, “How do you think?”” me more




eyescapes by rankin and  camera via here

“Imagine if you could look at something once and remember it forever. You would never have to ask for directions again. Now a group of scientists has isolated a protein that mega-boosts your ability to remember what you see…further read

but wouldn´t one go crazy if could remember all the details? what would u want to remember more? from the thought u forgot? visual memory labirinth curiocity *o!o*

1.01.2010 10:10 move


snapped from blackandwhite

is´t funny but this year when look back have a feel it more back on the 10 years, the era beginusus of the new millenia, i have a good feel in this one, and have been looking fwd to it, was actually the first time wanted to hang at home just to be ready and fresh but ended stirring it all around … strange and funni places and faces scenarios jumps and everything mashed up… i like it already a lot, i missed the 3..2…1…but guess my clumsiness still flolows me into this one, and there was a full moon!! i kinda feel lucky …it like we are from the future…its just feels fresh.. a courageous and challanging year to anyone who reads this! and a eyehug! + ps, i have updated the banner incase one reads this threw reader or rss feeds

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