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song by normalites and visual mash by DreamExess /
there are songs that get to us, catchy..others, where the lyrics just get under the skin…states, memories, melancholy, feelings, motivations, familiar waves, inspirations…then the beats that just makes the whole body happy, angry, sad, searching for a rythm..they say we always look for the rythm we heard in our first home, the belly…others fascinate us visually…and then like an image, we can find that rythm, shape, feel..all depending how we look at it…then there are moments that it all crosses in a fine way…this one has a little of all..lust, irony of the title and lyrics…well..indeed addictive…*wink*…..,  with a great backbeat, smiling voice, and and beautiful visual fluid drop…so i just wanted to share this (couse who we share it and listn it with is another twist .) so to whover acesses this hidden frequency  <3 & flou *=!=* check outs here


Theres undoubtfully nothing like the traditional sound and way, but this gallactic guitar has a intresting minimal visual string, check outs the video  at misadigital



animated gif threw phantomoftheradio and old pic from unknown source and artist

audioreactive – magneto from jorinna on Vimeo.

as fred astaire danced in the rain inside the black box,  I used to playdance as a kid in the livingroom! I always  wanted to start stepdancing, and even found a school 2 years ago, but still  posponed that first lesson… Makes me mindloop of the great mashup music that is coming out with that rustic sound mixed with todays composer cuts… what makes us like some beats and sundwaves over others?  how is our attraction to frequencies…theres great book of the subject of our brain on music…by link and link soundmunching

Synesthesia from Terri Timely on Vimeo.


Muon launch from Chris O’Shea on Vimeo. sent in by mr wavekid

Where is the panorama on sound compliments going? From sound installations, sound sculptures, sensored beats, connected experiences, operas with 3d worlds (..)  that  transform  to a different virtual enchanted world, perfumed injections and other senses..Is it going the right way? How does technology enhance feelings or cool it all down? when it comes to the essence of experience, how does the experimental flow with the pesonal inner feel? This piece is a commissioned by Ross Lovergrove (..), one of the master composers synthetic of fluid and natural forms…

Lake from KORB on Vimeo.

“audio driven landscape”

How does that first song  of the day effect the rest of the days flowscape?

Audio-generated landscape from flight404 on Vimeo.  more at flight404 blog


colored sounds

if u would see music in colors, what colors would they be?

CDEFGABC from lernert Engelberts on Vimeo.


threw blip.fm  => to blog point3recurring

timeless sound

flowzy string interiorizingcream

elbe  philharmonik to open gates in 2012, hamburg. visuals seem quite floxy,..


vitual tour clicking here

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