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Lisa Germano – From A Shell

oceania by bjørk

beatbox blues, loose goose and time scratching humming zuus

scooping threw the musika services like, spotify (like itunes, but all full length- and free) and in search for those little different sounds! and funky music treasure I fooound!!
the treassure digg up is a crunch munch of a sound coctail,
mixed and shaken in that funki way that makes the eardrum hair dance!!
imagine raechel from bladerunner and a funky future retro bar concerthall
atmosphere surounded by hitech trombone speakers with son of david flowzing out!

short documentary

Son of Dave covers Daft Punk “Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger”


sunday speaker zoom

speakers zooming into the world of lechowski, ear digg introduced in by mr urbankid! link is a download for his recomended tracks, great to color the walls in on a sunday morning…

dowload cd


so , yes, need too get some alpha alpha down here in ciberspace, from all the days going bannanas lately and the definite therory that no normallity exists in this world (and the fact that if a pesron would tag himself as normal, already proves the opposite) i am trying to get some lines down into this strange virtual diary, so with the taste of the latenight foodo, and a new can of bear swishing threw the space, i hereby feel like writing a someting , and loves the fact that don´t really know quite good what it will be about… the stars have gone to sllep and venus that is always shinig from the terassette and upon my lovely new blow up pool, that the bannanas wild cat is yet once again clawin into in semi way putting his claws in the puffy edges, trying to investigate what is actually going on within the boundies of the pool, time after time…the air of my puffed up pool is squeeking for help, yet since the cat has a life of his own, i guess his curiocity is nonstopeble, i have been trying to understand many things lately, and guess my curiocity never gets full, (where apart from life, strange curiocities of lifo, and the facts have discoverde the string theory and the wrutten brain transmitts of the imposible of the ever so possible by michio kaku anyways, hope i could get the last months down in the alphagrrove, so i wouldn´t forget my experiences, and could get back to the writings once apother time, by guess stick to presents,,,hmm..need music though..

yes that gets me backflippoing to the this…opposites atrackt, yes, couse we find a strange balance, then again alikes repel or atract, depending on the state of mind..either total disaster couse of the magnet poles going bannanas and misunderstanding, or total funky fusion thatbreak limits yet again!! isn´t it strang eand fascinating with all these peoples we encounter and how we fusion or repel…
,everything brings something new to the big picture! but the fascination of it all is just funni hunni!! guess we are all on the serach for something, and then something totaly oposiry, its like the interior poles go circulating all the time, now this, way, now yet anothe, searching for a different mix al the time..moment..yes, that is moveble planet internaly changing poles all the time, guess that makes like new all the time…hehe…seaching for something different all the time, the dinamic search, the everchanig, that might give a kick in the but too all the order and profiling, yes, there will always be trends, or majorities of something, but then again the black swans go lurking with a flirtatious eye right after…

the lovely black swan has a way of it´s own, and guess that that these little ones, make the changes like the butterflies in the thories of chaos, yeeahhh! from white to black they rock my world..alimet the soul with new inputs, guess its the stuff that makes me wanna dance and write, and draw and take out scissors and spraycans, those little black swan experiences…that make me feel alive, though it is strange hat they are never blue or black or orange, or rainbow colored, white or black swans…just like the black and white fotography that have that extra moody touch…hmmm..

and this is how my had might feel like after few houres of sleep manana..

let the music play

soo … hmm.. getting sleepless and nagging myself over rules lately.. thing is my hometown of stavanger, is trying step by step to mellow down the culture sceene and activities might have a shutdown …subtely , and this in the middle of a the city beeing the culture city of the year!! thing is they are putting up ultimatums without really solving any problems, and by my little view, hurting the very iconic sceens of the cities core culture, by tying hands on people that have for years been encoureging and nurturing a culture sceen, that undoubtedly fruited young minds and awaking others with a place of gathering and growth of new music, thuoghts and various cultural arts …these laws are targeted to lower the drinking and damping noise habits of the almighty norse fjordlandia stavanger ppl, but by limiting cultural events and leading down to a narrower sceenery and cutting of these events that nourish the spirit, i think the damage could be much larger than expected.,, sometimes we as individuals take a short way out, i dont want to refer to them as politicians, couse in the end we are all people, striving for more or less the same,and we sometimes have a need to categorize names… so but by taking an easy way out to a much bigger problem, sometimes we take paths that might be quite thuoghtless, and in the result might stop growth and evolution..i believe that culture is a part of our lives that gives us growth…threw books, music, design, arts and all the imaginary world, it is a platform for dreams and development of our inner worlds, can make comunities, groups and societies grow, some might nurture it on daily basis, some less occasionaly, but in the end it is a part of our individuality and what makes us grow from within…therefor i guess i got pretty sleepless becouse of this mail about the new rule that can come in my hometown pretty soon, becouse not only does it endanger the places where ideas and thuoghts have been created, nurtured and inspired, but it sets a new underage policy of age,, that makes 18 year olds have to wait 3 years in order to attend these cultural events, that harmlessly can inspire, make the mind wonder and enjoy, it creates a new boundry, in a way that i feel no cohesion, being 18 and not beeing alowed to conecerts, whiles otherwise entiteled to vote, have a child, get a lifetime loan, buy a house, get in the driver seat…if desired…etc, guess are acts of resposibilty, yet listning to concerts and sipping some beers in this case seems like a no no (and is it not the young and fresh blood of every generation that is the hope of tomorowness?¿) i guess as like everything in life , if one doesnt step up to own belifs, nobody will do it for u , so this is my little manifestation around this issue…just want to make myself heard here, if enyone is willing to listn in my own little way…, and maybe have a couse and effect, or not! guess its up to all of us individually…to try to make those litlle small changes, couse in the end i think its not about taking giant steps, its those little steps in life in life, guess thats what rocks my world! makes me dream for a moment and tomorrow, together with the music that will never die…in my heart..  peace amd luv

expect the unexpected

have various reservations, dunt really know i which way to get home or when, all a mess, need to pack, but havent really packed out..maybe wait after the weekend…guess i just want and need to rest… more partying, get home and take it easy…huh¿ or stay here? but would need to shop and pack and all today then…dont want it to be friday, first reservation 12:00 tomorow though…go directly ?¿??¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿? i want to sleep a littlebit..need the vacation, and have just been home 9 days this summer…miss all but im soo tired today! going in circles..though music great ready for pijamas sessions and a long bubblebath at mums! yeah…huh?¿?

(..yesterdays ..)

Fred Astaire

skateboard dance

imagine a stepping musical with boards, hmmm, or like a musical on wheels, but in a rough and awsome sceenery, great music amd art direction. sctratching different flows and styles together..
with this old pool, and silver wheels! yeah! and boards with 5 wheels rounded and specially constructed ramps! and sceenery video projections..! and statues stoped in time, like a jump thats just hanging there and turning…huh! could be fun…and grafitti in rd, shitt could put in some holograms in the whole thing! yeah! amd some stomp moves grooves! ever seen the sceene of hackers
where they hang out at this nightclub skatepark! need more of those playgrounds for big kids!!! one of my dreams is to make a zero gravity park in the future, where u go and fly and play with gravity…oki, back to work!

so in this new crib we hopefully will have, apart for the sunlight, space, own terasse of sun and stars will be able to scruise with my lboard to the beach! yeah! funky! funky! from airbording on couch and benches to reality!

Michael Nesmith – Cruisin’

Bonobo – Flutter

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