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Curious Displays from Julia Tsao Augmented Sculpture by GROSSE8 & LICHTFRONT / Passagen 2010 fromLichtfront andTED: The Sixth Sense Demo from James Hoffoss on Vimeo.

will the


hollisbrownthornton and   Neurosonics Live


Just jumped on the thought of choices..why do we choose the thing we choose, and how much is a choice determind by a set of events around us…if in total liberty to choose, how much would the surroundings effect?  I guess there are some choices we sometimes don´t think about so much…as on a autopilots..on then the bigger they get the more we spin around them maybi…when lefthanded, do we tend to choose more to the left on unknown streets and corners? And ever wonder where lefthandedness originates from? If i switched as a child, am i an infiltrated righthander? LOL butterfly effect is airguitaring in my head… ce la vie mon ami


Muon launch from Chris O’Shea on Vimeo. sent in by mr wavekid

Where is the panorama on sound compliments going? From sound installations, sound sculptures, sensored beats, connected experiences, operas with 3d worlds (..)  that  transform  to a different virtual enchanted world, perfumed injections and other senses..Is it going the right way? How does technology enhance feelings or cool it all down? when it comes to the essence of experience, how does the experimental flow with the pesonal inner feel? This piece is a commissioned by Ross Lovergrove (..), one of the master composers synthetic of fluid and natural forms…

Lake from KORB on Vimeo.



by serge brunier

Many suns out there.. hmmm… I wonder how they are  all hanging? what would one ask the sun? how´z it shining? One things for sure , they be hot hot up there ^^ . But then again..? I could never be a sun, would be to damn lonely!  This 360 of space map might come in handy if ever get to zoom out and need a escape into spaces supply augmentation ;P … A panorama scoop in outer space? Get a milkshake and zoom out for a space walk! Interesting view for for web navigation in flash! There this other web concept that scooped out lately that i pretty diffent and smart, the intro on lucyandbart…

the rounded table

scriptly amazing


@ THEVERYMANY moooore!


My ears are connected to the speakers, my fingers to the hardware, my mobile, memo stick, and ipod storage never leave my bags, my ipod i cant find lately and miss it as hell, to alterate my mood in the street, how much time do we use on augmented reality? the connected grid? how much time to we advance and waste away in technology? what are we exchanging it for? how far will we go with the connected networks? will we be plugged in during sleeptime in the future? are we all banananas?

scripted triangulation


with spring that jumped in decided its about time to post some colors.
There´s something up with triangulation rotating in the minds the latest times,picassos going threw scripts? anyway here,s a little link to
jonathan puckey that scripts in adobe illustror!! woot?? check it out, and more bout the geometria Delaunay triangulation, i´m looking fwd to having a little time  and update clean up the imigration of my blog, a little more time…and strart posting more visual experiences!

message into space


check it out

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