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a choice to imagine what we wish about what we wish to see


Ubald Klug more on puffs and crunch by belinda chen

so this strange little nature started bazookaing out snow yesterday nigh, after 90days of absents, and 50 years that time of a year, it just hugged the whole city..now everything is puffed up and thick white,   finally the ice slippery layer got covered away…(i think i broke a tiny clumsy part of my nose on that by the way!!! ) one of the best things is the crunch sound when walking on tall powder snow, it just makes me feel good and get the cribbles to make something in the snou!! so i guess i´m hanging in winterlandia a little more.. and hot chokolate with creampuff seams like a objective!


While zuzing threw walls of designschools,  captured  attentions was the car designers, they were bending the forms, and most of the vehicles were bending towods spaceship and organic mashups, they were always rounding the surfaces of the edges and bending it toward new nows, this flesher hummer stimulates the wheeled vision to a different plane…

“The Over P001 GBF project with its motto of “Future is Over,” is the result of a collaboration of world-class experts, the great Argentine motor racing driver – José Froilán González and former Ferrari engineer – Giotto Bizzarrini, reflected in the acronym GBF, from González–Bizzarrini-Futuro.” more here



via designblok

Why we design i guess has as individual answers as varied as drops of water that dance the transporting windows of trains or flights. To pleases or provokes the sense?, from priceless treasure finds to fast mass design. Object formed in a way that make us feel good, put a smile on the face? seducing?
How much can a design effect our mood? In essence, how much does design reflect personalities, cities, cultures thoughts, desires, needs or times? How much is to little or to much? How many tones are between black and white? or blue hues? Ways lightning changes surroundings.. Where between sunshine and the screaming neon? How does the way a city is puzzled out impact, limit or give us choices and freedoms? Quality of life? Looping or some other word popping up in the mind that might be put by u here ….. When it comes to dream-reality, how much do our inner thoughts set motorways for how we end up designing our lives? Why does seriousness come from? What would happen if humans would  jump and dance more ferquentli ? Which design contributes to a collective happiness? a collective smile? more icebreakers? more natural flows with clumsy states?crash sit on a waterfall….? Does anything makes sense? should it?



chair by richard hutten is a eye pleasure cling. It makes me wonder of that its somehow good with the autumn feel. Was missing it and looking fwd to freeze this year after overheating. Today its kinda white grey and colorless. Its raw in some way…, but its starting to cut threw skin surface this freeze stuff. Thou not ready to leave quite yet, still cocooning in the Nordic fjord lands… i think i prefer puffed clouds rather than this unified one color toned layer of cloud cloth.. Can one get cloud-strophobic? any cloud preferences? what does a cloud sound like? or what could a cloud soup taste like? should I drag my head back from the clouds…? hmmm

raindeer skeletonia


playing around, and made finished up the chair inspired by the raindeer , original might end up more sami inspired, and this prototype is missing textile, so its only the sceletton testing, jejj! silk metal vibetting! since i throw things allover migt be a good hanger tooo ;P


underwater beauty flowing up to land…


surfaced from the underwaters by timothy horn

couch surfing

would be funky to surf on this sofa in a wrooom!

shaper: phillipgrass

possible furniture

check out the layered bone rester made by Rober Stadler!


see more at this link

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