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magnetized from emma mcnally

Lost and obsessing on where my taurino stubbornness got born from? …If one is pathless,/rootless are we then more responsive to exterior creating our paths for us? Easier to influence if we are directionless? And is a strongmided and very defined path then the opposite…but as a mind gets focused, do our  miinds get narrowed on interference of exterior influences? Yes, but then where´s the middleweight there? I reckon its all about filtering levels on some way, playfull flexiing between destiny by exterior paths  and free will…



by serge brunier

Many suns out there.. hmmm… I wonder how they are  all hanging? what would one ask the sun? how´z it shining? One things for sure , they be hot hot up there ^^ . But then again..? I could never be a sun, would be to damn lonely!  This 360 of space map might come in handy if ever get to zoom out and need a escape into spaces supply augmentation ;P … A panorama scoop in outer space? Get a milkshake and zoom out for a space walk! Interesting view for for web navigation in flash! There this other web concept that scooped out lately that i pretty diffent and smart, the intro on lucyandbart…

in the middle

As zero gravity of bouncing and slow motion movements exists, along with the gravity we are used to here on earth, what about other gravities? is there a +1, +20 gravity, is our gravity in the middle? and what would it be the middle of? would we be supersonicly fast in +1 gravity, or compressed to extrem heavyness?

does gravity do anolmality?

we all have at some point felt the effect on the moon, and as the total solar eclipse passes our planet yesterday, science does their investigatum on the curious case og gravity


moment snatch by soon tong

when will i have a spaceship?

as air regulations need to be revised, how will  the airgrid be, will we start building cloud houses? live in zeppelins, summer out at the new height station? how much effect could space cars have on a civilization? i would like a mantaray shaped one..
by John Berkey

with textures from mars..

space leisure

had a recent conversation couple days ago after a confusingly
looking snowpologame.. *o.O*
The jokey gave me some inside scoopes on their rules,
that buzzed my mind into visuals…
and with a little help from the bubbles, good company and my my maco
playing under a blanket in the snow, in a terasse in a snow covered pillows*OO*,
Got me thinking about future space sports and zero gravity tennis
and how it could be like..
imagined it in a sphere, couse of the lacks of up and down in space
then since resistence when the ball gets shot wouldn´t be so caboouuw,
would need specially designed balls with some accelaration gadget in it,
and imagine the nettig should be in a type of hologram or laser type,
moving depending on situation of the players!

But guess in first plane on leisurespace would start up with the simple basic
ZEROg spheres where experiencing and learning to fly in ZEROg would be
the first step
I´v had strange dreams of these places but they´ve been like big empty
warehouses with a strange vakum in them that permits to fly..
they should be funky, padded white velvet on thee sides?
or wavey metal simulation!! maybe some interactive outer surface?
found this video, kinda fun! sincrooo!

the planet hunter

Feel the autum dancing into the summer..kinda feels good getting into
the chills, getting a breath of colder air..
There´s a full moon today and ms Venus is lighting at the other corner..

Remeber coming across this article about this planet hunter way back in lavanguardias “lacontra” where they interview a planet
swirled by the fact that he had discovered over 200 planets, threw
observing how it all floated around eachother.. Thought at that point
that it would be fun to contact this hunter and make proposals of
names, couse thought it was kinda sad that all these planets seemed
kinda nameless..

Photon Bubbles

Soo i googled it up and within a short tiktak found the man i was
looking for mr R. Paul Butler, that takes me back to technology and the times were living in still bewowed of the acces of information our generation has.. the ability to study things, thoughts and stuffo in such a bequickened way is amazing, finding music that matches the mood, getting curiocity alimentation of facts news that feed the mind in the customized way, connecting to the rest with the family with live mode*(), investigating stuff that gets u to new limits when working on work puzzles, getting into the thoughts of similar tastes and intrests. The alexandria library that was a breaktrew at its time to this is complicateoddly fascinating, getting inspired by the great minds like at, or just surfing to see what new one will stuble upon..

I guess that in some way the far away planets,stars and the unknown are in some way closer couse of this information flow..and in my own little way this fact makes me quite happy, and i wanted to share..

the moon

what if the moon is would be called a planet, how would or perception of space change, seeing anoher planet so close evryday…hmmm, if can manage to see venus and moon every night, even though moon rotates around planets, what stops them from beeing a planet?? “always a side of the moon we never sea” strange to think bout, but we always see the face..hmmmm…

power of hugs and all the greatness it gives

Feist – My Moon My Man

Pink Floyd – Breathe in the Air / On The Run

the lunar vexplorer

american spaceport


List of private spaceflight companies .::. space tourism .::. spaceadventures


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