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wavekid just introduced me from these textile puzzlers from eindhoven, intresting how stuff expand puff and slurp in, more by MRRK on the larva and the toadstool.. the parasite and the ink storm is a curious piece to check outs! I pushed some buttons and freaked my header away, so ended changing the whole site again, minimal twitching..

time off surface

as vacation ends and starts in different parts of the world, and the working hours do last pushes, or the antennas relaxe- the brain goes to hibernation and re surfaces at other points than rutine vertices, or does it? how do we stretch the surface


by stretcher richard sweeney

liquid textiling

Sounds of the Superfluid Skirt from Charlie Bucket on Vimeo.

from this sculpture, there  is also a dress getting drunk on liquids on the casualprofanity website , as a big fan of science and technology combined with clothing, here is some behind the sceenes of costume making with some back music shaking

by the composer: “Coming and coming soon: weaves, dresses, oil/water/air mixtures, pole vaulting, sensor-based fluid routing, on-board fluid-reactive sound synthesizers, shoe-powered fluid pumps, hang-gliding, drink-stealing auxiliary fluid intakes, and more.”

via core.form-ula

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