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animated gif threw phantomoftheradio and old pic from unknown source and artist

audioreactive – magneto from jorinna on Vimeo.

as fred astaire danced in the rain inside the black box,  I used to playdance as a kid in the livingroom! I always  wanted to start stepdancing, and even found a school 2 years ago, but still  posponed that first lesson… Makes me mindloop of the great mashup music that is coming out with that rustic sound mixed with todays composer cuts… what makes us like some beats and sundwaves over others?  how is our attraction to frequencies…theres great book of the subject of our brain on music…by link and link soundmunching

Synesthesia from Terri Timely on Vimeo.



Palatine from Datdatdat / A. N. Fischer on Vimeo.

I freak out and isolated logic, mi calmness jumped out the window, but will try again




by nick van woert


memory..I guess its not how much time u dedicate to study it, but what system to learn it, linking it in the best way so it gets glued in the mind, sythesis linked in tight weave, and easy and fast to acess…but in reality I don’t remember much, maybe that’s why everyday seemed new, but maybe lately I am storing too much… I read somewhere, that if someone could remember it all, they´d go crazy..

how do u store your info? if all memories are separate, and if we link each memorie/ draw more lines between the memory points? with others, would we then find our thoughts quicker, remember more? optiimize?



focused by  pica/  feeling of taking of the weight of something and zooming out..



what makes us belive in our self? doubt? I guess external injections and people are of great importance, but even if they belive or not, what makes us belive in ourselves? And why do we doubt in ? When we are small we belive easier and everything is fresh and new, we are curious and we jump into things more rapidly, we have doodles that gives us hope and adults that have faith that we can be what we want to be, theen rules and experience kicks in and maybe in cases paths that should be so and so for a specific task, and our imaginations get helped and maybe handicapped in the process? We start beliving that ways to take are from the societies established and trained and wise secure paths on previous inputs, now im not saying that hard work towords a desired path is undesired, but what if what we learn and experience as the way to this and that shuld one day be reinvented and everyone had to think for himself how to reach their wishes instead og the precious establish paths. I guess there courage lurks in, the againt the odds, but for creative thought, and trail. What makes us believe? Apparently the human has a brain structure that attracts us to the mystical, that’s why atheists are a minority, so attraction for the unknown is part of our systems, why then do we fall into the repetition.. chasing life and love… that can challenge and cacoon us simultaneously…



find artist!!

since small  got ear swoosh by the family that I´m the strong one… But what does it mean to be strong? And how does strength isolate feelings?The stronger the wall the longer the defrost?

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”.- darwin


Principles of geometry + AntiVJ: a stereoscopic show from AntiVJ on Vimeo.

So i´m sitting here a late nigher with this shorties maybe to be. Renders, tutorials and chunks of video and 3d play-dough puff around me. Between the waits popped in vimeo on the waiting and found this skeleton piece, although a little tired to activate braincells, interesting how much structure and skeletons and layers there are behind every piece, how will our own skeletons develop in the future, neck-bends and stronger mouse clicking muscles? or will we develop to different cross species? how will our skeletons look? If my cells would be spread in the universe, maybe a piece of me will then land on a different planet…


from flicker stream checkout

i just digs this flowbeat! it started as a child where i had these tremendous blobby visuals in my head, gigaaantic oversized visual flows. First i got scared cause i thought i was having a heartbreak or something, then i started to lov´em. After then living along wooden structures, where these shapes jump up in every wood slice, and i got hooked! it wasn´t so easy to find stuff bout it back then, but now with info spread i manage to feed my curiosity, so wanted to share on of the favorite pieces by roxy pain, there´s an interview about him here, the machines are spraying the sculpture in random, so it kinda machine made but still increadibly flowzy and blobby, which is one of the artists central threads “the tension between organic and man-made environments” more recent pieces include Dendroids based on vascular networks, tree roots, industrial piping, and fungal mycelia

knitting visions

extreem knitting funk dimensionism!


sandra backlund

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