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in the middle

As zero gravity of bouncing and slow motion movements exists, along with the gravity we are used to here on earth, what about other gravities? is there a +1, +20 gravity, is our gravity in the middle? and what would it be the middle of? would we be supersonicly fast in +1 gravity, or compressed to extrem heavyness?


Falling asleep with a bunch under the sky addicted on old movies seen last when could barely speak, with visitors and new inputs and much comedy from  the homeyland, makes us transport to the other realities for a little while, from the other side of the movemented snatchers in plasma coats, a spikee lee movie Where the Wild Things Are coming out, to burtons alice in wonderland stirring the imaginary world, to the tron remake zooming threw soon, some visulal candy to look fwd to… and as dowloads increase, cinematic screening shifts slowly to the 3d much can we change the experience of screening movies? tbc..

“audio driven landscape”

How does that first song  of the day effect the rest of the days flowscape?

Audio-generated landscape from flight404 on Vimeo.  more at flight404 blog


made by lunocet snatched threw nextnature

half full or empty splash?

enjoyment and quality of life can be taken in in duo strategies as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi puts it, One is that the external factors are in position with our goals, and the other the other is change our experience of the exteraal to adapt them to our goals!  what say thou??? complexity of the human conciousness!


gettyimage by Paul Souders and is home in norway going a bit underwater

spike up or bubble down?

bart hess

by bart hess

Glacier hug

Flipping threw pages on flickr on glaciers, many visual islands to cover.. nature freezing, melting and shaping into huggable frozen archi-techonic flowzy villages, with colors and tones that chill and raw the planets landescapes, there was one that stood out, here´s something to this glacier feel that melts it for mi visual antennas


source: flickr user bseltenright user profile

blueberry sky breeze

Sitting here, while friends siestaing and refueling for night…
Enjoying the sky breeze and wifisurf alimentation…
Stars shinig and sky very darkblue, above there is some strange mixture of african and asian fusion sounds, and the clouds are kinda pinkish..all the lights on the other rooftops are muuted, and venus is hanging out again…It creates a new atmosphere in the air in the cooling air…sometime its amazing how a place, neighbour hoodie, city can fill up inject a good vibe, and gets the smilo back in…
in this live chillout session thingy going on… it is amazing how this city breathes..anyways found this mr serrano that made pleasure for the eye and flow for the soul, and the waterdrop ,a tribute to water, it captures its movement and beauty..mhmmmm

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