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by brock davis and by allure allure

check out the tatalk at ted.com bout the curious case of metaphores by james geary

i think im getting a day flue day, my throat feels like the green cap, and my head feels like the aquamarine forest, so stashing in on  chicksoup and lime, or should i garlic and honey ninjafeed the body ? battling these little invaders in mi body, think too much nightjumps in frozen winterlandia electrified my health antennas *=!=*


I have a troble applying the the theory to the reality today


Auroral Substorm from Poul Jensen on Vimeo.

they just inspire so much, from my nordic fjordic homeland..The sky from different parts..i daydream about electrical space tornados, if auroras are made like that….and the the dream of snatching one with my eyes..

the head quarter

from the effects of brain on music, threw positive psychologies from carnagie to whatever hits well the antennas, how individuallly equipped is the brain , and what common patterns from age to neuroplasticity does it follow? if one was to snap an interior of your operational headquarters what would it look like?


pic by martin miller snatched at  iso50 blog


Roots manuva slime and reason by oscar & evan


found this some where/sometime looking for xanadu, but dont really know where..

does gravity do anolmality?

we all have at some point felt the effect on the moon, and as the total solar eclipse passes our planet yesterday, science does their investigatum on the curious case og gravity


moment snatch by soon tong

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