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In the missing on my lovely and funky books that are packed in boxes in a sunny part of Europe…Just got a special delivery from graaand  friend with snacks to feed the curious hunger of science. Did a scientiic/design thesis back in 2003… The last conclusion shouting at the theory of chaos I (link) and II (link) concept was that we are all connected in a strange way (…) and thus my hunger and various tries to start a creative interlink (..) all in perspective, curious how many different types of waves got spun since then!! Sunday cacooonng and onion peeling the connected concept!

skin probes

“Philips Design has developed a series of dynamic garments as part of the ongoing SKIN exploration research into the area known as ’emotional sensing’. The garments, which are intended for demonstration purposes only, demonstrate how electronics can be incorporated into fabrics and garments in order to express the emotions and personality of the wearer.

The marvelously intricate wearable prototypes include ‘Bubelle’, a dress surrounded by a delicate ‘bubble’ illuminated by patterns that changed dependent on skin contact- and ‘Frison’, a body suit that reacts to being blown on by igniting a private constellation of tiny LEDs”

second skin moving

hoberman sphere

kinetic zoom

There is something bout the kinetics land, attraction to movement, structure, the spiral movement? the perspectives?slowmotion?
found this visualina and think its pretty neat!!

“Kinetic art is art that contains moving parts or depends on motion for its effect”  wikipedia

snowshow or no show?

Wondering if its gonna snow this christmas, and where? Somethang magical in those fluffy flakes, wishing everyone a big doze of cozyness and fun hanging out with las familias!! not onli on christmas, but rest of next yearrr! without getting totally bananas …loads of snowgoogles and crunches! found some kinetic snowflakes incase nosnow show *=.0* funky in mute and music play in upper part(blip)!!

Kinetic sculpture at the BMW Museum

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