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does gravity do anolmality?

we all have at some point felt the effect on the moon, and as the total solar eclipse passes our planet yesterday, science does their investigatum on the curious case og gravity


moment snatch by soon tong


thee moon shined naked yesterday! optical full monty from earth, one again it shines out and makes some humans a little woo-hauully
– does the sun ever feel cold or the moon ever sweat? i wonder..

by Dan McPharlin threw via the talented mr signalnoise

the moon

what if the moon is would be called a planet, how would or perception of space change, seeing anoher planet so close evryday…hmmm, if can manage to see venus and moon every night, even though moon rotates around planets, what stops them from beeing a planet?? “always a side of the moon we never sea” strange to think bout, but we always see the face..hmmmm…

power of hugs and all the greatness it gives

Feist – My Moon My Man

Pink Floyd – Breathe in the Air / On The Run

the lunar vexplorer

toploader dancin in the moonlight


okay… i know this may some crazy but there is a full moon again! i have to post this couse I have been having this crazy feeling of full moon every 2 weeks…and i really think its strange, so need some evidence now.. its supposed to take 29.531 days between each of them! was at work and then stolled to beach to meet the family.. cold cold in the morning, then the sun woke up, and then those 2 weired buffy clouds and lighting that was very odd, looked like airplanes lights behind from the beginnig, and they were white…?!? and all these planes that suddonly stoppped up in the sky(probably couldnt land) …and then this strong wind came in..?!? kinda creepy, the effect of the moon got the anxious side out, so got that part out on eachother..its weird but its kinda a ritual now that around 2-1 days before we leave eachother, we start pickin fights! sucks!! maybe im turning into a werewolf? i just hate it soo much!! its like we start creating this crash so it wont be difficult to leave eachother again! never works…but we keep on trying! crazy little family..a werewolf herd!!! family luvkiss goodnight!


More recently, the portrayal of werewolves has taken an even more sympathetic turn in some circles. With the rise of environmentalism and other back-to-nature ideals, the werewolf has come to be seen by some authors as a representation of humanity allied more closely with nature. Some recent fiction also discards the idea that the werewolf dominates the mind when one transforms, and instead postulates that the wolf form can be used at will, with the lycanthrope retaining its human thought processes and intelligence.

rceived by urbankid (from wikipedia)

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