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by nick van woert


memory..I guess its not how much time u dedicate to study it, but what system to learn it, linking it in the best way so it gets glued in the mind, sythesis linked in tight weave, and easy and fast to acess…but in reality I don’t remember much, maybe that’s why everyday seemed new, but maybe lately I am storing too much… I read somewhere, that if someone could remember it all, they´d go crazy..

how do u store your info? if all memories are separate, and if we link each memorie/ draw more lines between the memory points? with others, would we then find our thoughts quicker, remember more? optiimize?

liquid textiling

Sounds of the Superfluid Skirt from Charlie Bucket on Vimeo.

from this sculpture, there  is also a dress getting drunk on liquids on the casualprofanity website , as a big fan of science and technology combined with clothing, here is some behind the sceenes of costume making with some back music shaking

by the composer: “Coming and coming soon: weaves, dresses, oil/water/air mixtures, pole vaulting, sensor-based fluid routing, on-board fluid-reactive sound synthesizers, shoe-powered fluid pumps, hang-gliding, drink-stealing auxiliary fluid intakes, and more.”

via core.form-ula

tatooed in my mind

shawn barber – oil paintings o skin canvas


check out more paintings

oils, sugars and salt..


pic from  suzfoto

flippin threw the wonder market, kinda looks like a super mario land from the outside with this organic roof in candy colors…(on way discovered a bookshop…)
…anyways ended up at super market, and man had many deliciousnesses there…livin by the main boqueria market before, and beside this a couple of years back before teh reforms…but now its like some kind of stylish market..they have this whole mushroom stand..luvs those tastes, and they are some funny looking creations..mmmm…and had this gourme shop with oils, was awed, never paid soo much attention to these stuff, but had so many curious stuff…oils with all these, from sour scented, sweet toothed touched and all, and salts with flower addings, herb addings in all shapes and sizes, forms and colors, and sugars, and balsamicos, but these thick good ones… the stuff people specialize in…think its gonna be pizza experimantation week with taste scratching since have the pleasure of an ovn first time in a crib!!! wanna find these test tubes they have in laborarries and play with own oils and givem funky names!! saphire glow would maye be a mix between sesame oil and a dash of mushroom! yeah! hmmm, yepp could be fun to make once…

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