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balon from Ugurcan Kara on Vimeo.

I dont´t know this frost is playing on my mood strings, and the feel of new adventures and discovery is playing pinks games in my head,  i´m standing still..yet mooving, i´m here, but already gone, im split between three distinctive home places and ways of life, and searching for a neu x one,  i think one home seems tempting, yet no no no, impossible.. i search, i find i stop, i wish, imagine and go on action flow, a gallery and studio on a traveling boat, or to be  winged animal would be awsume, or air, must be fascinationg to be air and swoosj around like that, i wonder if air could say somethang on the subject standing still, and how does it feel like in a ballon? or in a hurricane,or in space, imagine all the perspectives just swoojing threw everthings, ever wonder how the viewing difference between giants and dwarfs? an elephant and atom? is this universe always in a systematic loop? is asymetric more intresting than simetric? will new air gimme answers? answers or fun dialogues? what will we disover on our subconcious threw new social technology? i think i will put some q-tip in each ear and enjoy that twisting and wonder of to somewhere…

how did these thoughhts down here change into what i wrote up there?.. (i cut out the words inbetween) weather cycles and their impact ….daily sunns and out in the street hoops and flip flop scenarios……. just time to unspaghetilize.. nice frostiness and remelts around.. activation  ..one pushing some longing for the next..empty streets … spontanious daily interactions .. areas..  placeroots…  ways of living.. oooze out…or does rest continue searching for new momentuses, places, thoughts, discoveries, feels and vibes, people? life?



While zuzing threw walls of designschools,  captured  attentions was the car designers, they were bending the forms, and most of the vehicles were bending towods spaceship and organic mashups, they were always rounding the surfaces of the edges and bending it toward new nows, this flesher hummer stimulates the wheeled vision to a different plane…

“The Over P001 GBF project with its motto of “Future is Over,” is the result of a collaboration of world-class experts, the great Argentine motor racing driver – José Froilán González and former Ferrari engineer – Giotto Bizzarrini, reflected in the acronym GBF, from González–Bizzarrini-Futuro.” more here



performed by matthias maenner

…what is prize from before might be the moment, where one can choose which reality to live in, what we want, need and
create of it, spreading the wingeroots in tha spacetime


Homey recharge makes ready for relaunch? (soul candy…) a customized visual to dorothy in the land  of oz – there´s no place like home quote,  something fragile and beautifully strong with this cacooned visual candy phantom! Trying to fix this blog up a little, give it a little lift, little by little – sharp up and post more on mental and visual gravities! wishez u a fun weekend!


must find artist

sharp the edge

wobbly edge of psyche need time off cream too sharpen themz edges :.


by phillip low jacked from picdit

moon days

so as as the week slowly starts and then accelaretes, want to share this video from almostvelvet, which is not only a great artist taht recently started blogging but a amazing person with great tastebuds

imagined by weloveourwork

let the day begin

every moment with a new system of change and dynamics, how much patterns and new linx on the horizon will we munch in?


more at trifotography

heatweaved view


by okuda

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