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Onedreamrush / from Maxim Zhestkov on Vimeo.

we wake up every day then,yes.. but what do we remeber from sleeping?, and when in dreamland, how much is what  we remember from beeing awake? morning blahs blahs…i think it will do me guud to go back to a city for a while…

Oneirology.. REM? whatzup in there?

Dream Factory from Pedro Pinto on Vimeo.

Ident. Psychedelic short. from Druskq on Vimeo.

sleepsing away thee flue

soo, after a fullblown week of work and mornig dosage of the best mornig shakes ever (melon, watermelon and honay)energy reload after adventures on new islands… i enjoyed the empty house, and my own thoughts and getting mi braino together and amongs other.. yet at some moment decided to escape to a more sunny enviroment of the coastlife, yet up ended with the flue, bummer couse fever in vakation mode and sunshine be an atraction highly desired, but i managed to sleep siestas in daytime, something have been on my mind of doing lately..but ths was a marathon of sleep…there is just something with the feeling of waking up and going to sleep consecutivly in daytime, its likegoing into astrange trance! maybe its the effect of the sun, but taking naps in daytime just makes me float to strange places, and then get into the groove of remembering all the strangeness i´ve dream´t, doesnt makes sens, but then again, always something there…and the waking up is so strange couse its like in dayime awakes, half is awake, and the other half is still in this fuzzy place..

Dupliverts wave

read an artical, as had exess time of divulging miself into the beloved science mags, that we organize a lot over there sleepsing, ever woken up and had the solutions to stuff! or overworking and get the nod of the string out, or just wake up with a new idea, or even have a strange story going on in the sllep and waking up angry at a person or something? mucho stuff going on there….read this article bout this invastigator that was reserching bout that the sun actually gets us closer to a grid of thought that we are al connected too, intresting theory, abstract, like who would have thought a 100 years that we would have little rectangkes that could access all information someone posted on this web, and waves would connect all these devices..beeing down with the flu wasn´t that bad after all, and had good company spoling me out with vitamin injection and such, which in a snap i passed out various times into sleep.
i managed to draw again, which always makes me happy, them characters were all dancing in zero gravity and clouds though..made a video of thunder too.
I but noticed, that apart from when i sleeping, i cant really stay still, i get soo restless, need something to do, think about, develope, imagine, create, design, remember, and cant figure out if i like like or not..

Massive Attack – Sly

the world of sleepdream

so say if you sleepdream 1/3rd of your life, isnt it weird we have soo little social development into whats really going on there? more insight too that conciouness…

and does one person that sleeps 12h a day insted of 6h be half the age couse the experiences are then half, or maybe doubled since its developing itself in the sleepingworld reality..huh?¿

so started writing the dreams down 3days ago, and remember something from each night until trying to remember and check out what´s going on on the other side…

remeber that when had nighmares or feelt threathed for life would open my eyes as wide as i could and would snap back and wake up, i know if i think bout stuff hard enough, like flying and get into that state, will fly that night in the dreams..weird that many kids dream of flying but as get older less and less flying takes place…and do u ever have the same dream over was dreaming again of this place in the alps or somewhere, but then its there´s these triangled long huts and this resturant/warming place/club and i remeber it soo clearly and have dreamt bout the same place several times..know i have a urge for goiing to the mountains lately but feel have travel to this place mentally several times..i even got lost bording there once?¿? strange..maybe will find this place once and have a deja vu?¿?

so there´s this guy doing the levtation meditation or illusion demonstraition around the world lately..says uses the hindu yoguis have that ability what is it…reality or an illusion, and where is the boundry or balance between the two?

dreams and the conciousness

ever have these dreams u wake up from and remeber it clearly…had one today..well bought a new notebook to get more concious bout them…hmmm..strange and good.. fears and wings..

Gotan Project – Mi Confesion

desde el Koxmoz para el mundo…si, soy yo… y la voz de mi pensamiento…mis pensamientos… pensamientos del corazón.
Cómo es la clave, cuál el secreto? Para estar en paz por completo, dos pies en la tierra y un relato desde hace rato me tienen sujeto…..Si hablo de amor… se que la extraño, de mis actos en vida soy dueño, pero me calla el dolor por el daño, es como un sueño dentro de otro sueño. Apuesto a pleno pero de callado, cada uno en la suya, yo ando rayado, sigo esperando sentado… que esta vez el destino no me deje plantado… que no me deje plantado…
Escuchame bien… no es chamuyo…es amor.

pensamientas del corazon..
mi confesion..
mi inspiracion..

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