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entire blog dedicate to slow motion captures! stricltly lucidmovement via the great Jean Calomfirescu :::::::: the fascination of slow motion since eternity, an extension on a diferent gravity, the capture of movement on the diffent paste, when i was a kid and wanted to speed up time couse unpatient waiting, i would change the clock pinters to where i needed them…kinda different now i guess…should  it? anyways great to watch these flowlicioucies video sauses

moon days

so as as the week slowly starts and then accelaretes, want to share this video from almostvelvet, which is not only a great artist taht recently started blogging but a amazing person with great tastebuds

imagined by weloveourwork


sometimes we end up in our own bubbles.. others watching them makes us happy and childish, others makes us dream away…then the are tiny and dangerous ones we celebrate with that go straight into our heads,…how many bubbles are you floating in? one way or the other theres something beautiful with the bubble….

Bubbles from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.


1.bubbles and olympic
s 2 bubble logic 3. from soap bubble to einstein
intro to 4d cinema bubble tutorial &
galaxy sprincled on structure similar to giant soap bubbles?

bubble in zero gravity (recomend playing both videos at onece ((*=;=*))

from minusko at youtube

Oil in Water from Shawn Knol on Vimeo.

Chinese Super Children Ball

second skin moving

Camera perspectives

Came past these dancing little one´s while googling for the ear forms…one flowzy bodypart cuming up!!!
Morning brain heads, just loving the moments of bedding!!! cool how one start´shrinking thinking about nightdream visuals and it and then the other hidden dream just pop´s up…

huh..yepp, been busy jumping -flying- fast fwd cruising in the planet in space tonight..hmmm, yes,mental state is doing better here…anyways just wanted to post this video i came past… with the whooping grande movemetns of elastic jumping, and great camera man capture! long live lemure dancers!!

lamure dancers


blueberry sky breeze

Sitting here, while friends siestaing and refueling for night…
Enjoying the sky breeze and wifisurf alimentation…
Stars shinig and sky very darkblue, above there is some strange mixture of african and asian fusion sounds, and the clouds are kinda pinkish..all the lights on the other rooftops are muuted, and venus is hanging out again…It creates a new atmosphere in the air in the cooling air…sometime its amazing how a place, neighbour hoodie, city can fill up inject a good vibe, and gets the smilo back in…
in this live chillout session thingy going on… it is amazing how this city breathes..anyways found this mr serrano that made pleasure for the eye and flow for the soul, and the waterdrop ,a tribute to water, it captures its movement and beauty..mhmmmm


colored the pasta pink today! yeah! with beetroots! just for fun! made pinc macarony with sundried tomatoes! and some other colors…kitchen labbing …

milkyway lounge


one day would like to smack together..the mmilyway lounge…bookshop with quite the jewletts on design books-yeah! could just hang there for a lifetime…one time ways wanted to open a kida bookshop with all these gadgets for making things, with great urban art on walls and chill out zone,with hamaks, inspiational boks and mags, a kinda inspi merceria place, arts and crafts place with a supah good atmosphere, and musica, and textiles , treads, paint, wood, glass, rasins, moulds, plastelinas, papers, crayons, premade creative kits, beads, jewlery metals…and this virtual meetingpoint…and calle it after a strange cream sirius or some milkyway lounge name…yeah! the milkyway lounge! and this medusas- jellyfish swiming in the walls! maybe could even have a masssage cacoon hamaks! where u jump into…on the roof, and see sunset…yeah have to have a roof! and do hair clipping sessions there! og yeah! and could have small concerts there, under the stars, okay maybe could have these automatic transparent roof and walls that isolate sound when needed…

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