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Archived entries for space

with textures from mars..

zoom in on blue

fractalian visuals of space cams snapping the earth, zoom in…


nasa earthobservatory

Vortices, Greenland Sea

space leisure

had a recent conversation couple days ago after a confusingly
looking snowpologame.. *o.O*
The jokey gave me some inside scoopes on their rules,
that buzzed my mind into visuals…
and with a little help from the bubbles, good company and my my maco
playing under a blanket in the snow, in a terasse in a snow covered pillows*OO*,
Got me thinking about future space sports and zero gravity tennis
and how it could be like..
imagined it in a sphere, couse of the lacks of up and down in space
then since resistence when the ball gets shot wouldn´t be so caboouuw,
would need specially designed balls with some accelaration gadget in it,
and imagine the nettig should be in a type of hologram or laser type,
moving depending on situation of the players!

But guess in first plane on leisurespace would start up with the simple basic
ZEROg spheres where experiencing and learning to fly in ZEROg would be
the first step
I´v had strange dreams of these places but they´ve been like big empty
warehouses with a strange vakum in them that permits to fly..
they should be funky, padded white velvet on thee sides?
or wavey metal simulation!! maybe some interactive outer surface?
found this video, kinda fun! sincrooo!

message into space


check it out

future is now

thefutureisnow see more source: designutrust

wishlist *O.=*

*O.=*/have  a skyloskope (telesope)that hung my eye that would be sumethang sumethang

a High Speed Camera

stylize a zero gravity movie

a fishtank kan make dye experiments in

a funky underwaterplant and a nudibrunch or two

a hooverboard (for land and water)

make a music video

make scenography and costume for a skate opera

island jump indonesia

crib in formentera

a Dodge Superbee shark  in fuxsia

a colorful indian feather crown

make plaster label

make that ng

make a transportable home

make modules

drink coconut milkshake at aurora

learn to blay the basse

get a drumset

start dancingschool

make zg expo

redo the pillow camp


pillow clouds


flying into clouds now and then, and there is something up with the fluffiness in the air, those crustalized little particles flirting with the skies…luvs their shapes and how the imagination creates images, how they have the huggable form they sometimes doo, how they change to the spacedust and lightning, , the way can see the wind threw them and how fast they slide in the skyspacoo, how they transperatize in the early mornig sunrise.. how they project skies, red, white, grey, pink or other, even though sometimes can be a hastle when they dont really mutate the skies and keep a firm blanket over longer times, the is a lot of beauty and funyness to thems clooudz..

from wikipedia
“A cloud is a visible mass of droplets or frozen crystals floating in the atmosphere above the surface of the Earth or another planetary body. A cloud is also a visible mass attracted by gravity (clouds can also occur as masses of material in interstellar space, where they are called interstellar clouds and nebulae.) The branch of meteorology in which clouds are studied is nephology..”

the cloud phenomenom collector


digg inns on wikipedia on clouds and cloud types

Clouds from Alvaro Posadas on Vimeo.


hooverboard for sale at ebay!! aiiiii!!!!

source: engadget

the moon

what if the moon is would be called a planet, how would or perception of space change, seeing anoher planet so close evryday…hmmm, if can manage to see venus and moon every night, even though moon rotates around planets, what stops them from beeing a planet?? “always a side of the moon we never sea” strange to think bout, but we always see the face..hmmmm…

power of hugs and all the greatness it gives

Feist – My Moon My Man

Pink Floyd – Breathe in the Air / On The Run

the lunar vexplorer

american spaceport


List of private spaceflight companies .::. space tourism .::. spaceadventures


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