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will fill in names manana



entire blog dedicate to slow motion captures! stricltly lucidmovement via the great Jean Calomfirescu :::::::: the fascination of slow motion since eternity, an extension on a diferent gravity, the capture of movement on the diffent paste, when i was a kid and wanted to speed up time couse unpatient waiting, i would change the clock pinters to where i needed them…kinda different now i guess…should  it? anyways great to watch these flowlicioucies video sauses



NASA tools and X

so my site was on blackout for a day/night, but  thanx 2 my coder the talented mr urbankid,that performed his operation its back and alive! I visualized something awsume i wanted yesterday, it was straight in the bulleye!  Thinks I  need to keep in focus to move towords it, that can be a buzz when full tank motivated, and difficult with digital noise around! But i have a carrot and if i get it guess depends on my own efficiancy and asskick! reading this connected book in between …”long term happiness depends 50% on a persons genetic set points, 10% on circumstances…and 40% and what they choose to think and do..” christakis & today im just trying to stay focused and of nicotine and on honeywater is mindcrossing…

“But how do you “tune in” to just one thought or idea and ignore all the rest of what is going on around you, until it comes time to think of something else? more on brain filter

1.01.2010 10:10 move


snapped from blackandwhite

is´t funny but this year when look back have a feel it more back on the 10 years, the era beginusus of the new millenia, i have a good feel in this one, and have been looking fwd to it, was actually the first time wanted to hang at home just to be ready and fresh but ended stirring it all around … strange and funni places and faces scenarios jumps and everything mashed up… i like it already a lot, i missed the 3..2…1…but guess my clumsiness still flolows me into this one, and there was a full moon!! i kinda feel lucky …it like we are from the future…its just feels fresh.. a courageous and challanging year to anyone who reads this! and a eyehug! + ps, i have updated the banner incase one reads this threw reader or rss feeds


why a space odyssey? from stefan hvostik on Vimeo.

Near Sighted from Renaud Duval on Vimeo.

2001 space odisea is charming the plasma with its amazing photography shots!!!! While i´m overlapping on mac and connecting to networks and investigating on new places,and in nearsight visulas found this visual gravity jewel by Renaud Duval. The exitment of 2010 lurks in my system, its like 200o was a inclination towords something newer and unknown, but 2010 just seems ready for open minded xange, don´t know but just have this good feel about this one, and damn it sounds so futuristic and so close! <3 and i just got an acient clock on a chain…never liked watches, but really wanted a one like this…it has a swosjiii tik tak sound, and stops if i don´t twist the knob



After moving away from my BCN homey crib, I´m notice the impact of the sun and the streetvibe, I always filled my energy tanks just taking a walk on those streets, and zooming with my mental cam,used to looking strangers in the eyes ..smiles, observe and see funny rarieties that makes it fun.
I miss that, yet there are always exeptions, which makes me think bout the good energy hot spots of other cities..  where there is much mashups – and a different vibe from the rest, and how we search for vibes we´ve experienced before, past vibes as fuel or a carrot?





the importance of challaging out the best in ourselves and  each other…


made by lunocet snatched threw nextnature

focus (.)

from multple channels, windows, multitasking, pararell info injection, how doeas the wired and weblifted gen focus?

focus from Castll on Vimeo.

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