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Archived entries for visual gravity

does gravity do anolmality?

we all have at some point felt the effect on the moon, and as the total solar eclipse passes our planet yesterday, science does their investigatum on the curious case og gravity


moment snatch by soon tong

creamy blues

from the visual munch of dvein   Dvein: F5 Titles from F5 on Vimeo.


sometimes we end up in our own bubbles.. others watching them makes us happy and childish, others makes us dream away…then the are tiny and dangerous ones we celebrate with that go straight into our heads,…how many bubbles are you floating in? one way or the other theres something beautiful with the bubble….

Bubbles from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.


1.bubbles and olympic
s 2 bubble logic 3. from soap bubble to einstein
intro to 4d cinema bubble tutorial &
galaxy sprincled on structure similar to giant soap bubbles?

bubble in zero gravity (recomend playing both videos at onece ((*=;=*))

from minusko at youtube

Oil in Water from Shawn Knol on Vimeo.

Chinese Super Children Ball

underwater opera flow

from the movement snatcher of massive attack sly found this video made by Stephane Sednaoui

Noriko Ambe

layering paper and book surgery with amazing funky visual poetry to it,reading between the lines in a different way…


more visuals

sunday recomendum – the fall

great photography, scenography and storytelling world of the fall
from the maker of the cell and spike jones producing… visual munch…

a different lecture of architecture – kokkugia



fluid poetry – cent

fluid poetry.. gravity pleasure at

zom threw more

osctopus in space

slow motion octopuss was directed under the eye of cristian pozo, just found the showreel..

and now to bed with braino go! goodnights and enjoys!

blueberry sky breeze

Sitting here, while friends siestaing and refueling for night…
Enjoying the sky breeze and wifisurf alimentation…
Stars shinig and sky very darkblue, above there is some strange mixture of african and asian fusion sounds, and the clouds are kinda pinkish..all the lights on the other rooftops are muuted, and venus is hanging out again…It creates a new atmosphere in the air in the cooling air…sometime its amazing how a place, neighbour hoodie, city can fill up inject a good vibe, and gets the smilo back in…
in this live chillout session thingy going on… it is amazing how this city breathes..anyways found this mr serrano that made pleasure for the eye and flow for the soul, and the waterdrop ,a tribute to water, it captures its movement and beauty..mhmmmm

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