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Perrine Lievens by  X and flpr

inspred brainfeed>cognitive change in the brain via the internet
“clouding the brain” via nextnature MATTHYS Robot-Tribe Clip flying lotus –
Message Situation via DJLOPEZ


a choice to imagine what we wish about what we wish to see


Ubald Klug more on puffs and crunch by belinda chen

so this strange little nature started bazookaing out snow yesterday nigh, after 90days of absents, and 50 years that time of a year, it just hugged the whole everything is puffed up and thick white,   finally the ice slippery layer got covered away…(i think i broke a tiny clumsy part of my nose on that by the way!!! ) one of the best things is the crunch sound when walking on tall powder snow, it just makes me feel good and get the cribbles to make something in the snou!! so i guess i´m hanging in winterlandia a little more.. and hot chokolate with creampuff seams like a objective!




homeflaked by  osborn design & matthew northridge

From writings on births, stars, wise men and tributes to sun gods in the more ancient Deela-Malkh threw newer reunites and saint cluauses, hanging out and >> forwarding  to << rewinding,  ll pausing and  > playing together, everyone with our own little stories.. belated yet all the best wishes  these holidays *=!=* …and its snowing outside, just as it seemed its was all melting away…*O!o*



and it snowed and snowed in winter wonderland via ivan-puig via almostvelvet



more by yuita / check oout curious case of stotting



more on paper flexing by Horst Kiechle

Challenging ourselves and how we challenge others…, when does courage pop in there and when do we pass on it? Courage as that new and extra triangle on that surface? Or maybe the different thinks? The risk? Not going in for already established, proofed and expected path? Do they exist? From unpolished authenticity to the metal look,…maybe it’s bout just letting go? Or that little extra when we almost give up, and that extra step that makes the whole difference? The adrenalin, the facing of fears? Personal challenge? Letting go of the familiar? Curiosity? Do thou thinks optimism the foundation of courage?

There can be no courage unless you’re scared.  ~Edward Vernon Rickenbacker

Have the courage to live.  Anyone can die.  ~Robert Cody



pulled by kutlu

He snathed away my wisdom tooths that grew out this week… now i have holes, less of me and my widsomity, more gaps…why my wisedomtooth grw out this week and hurt my flesh after that coyote of a dentists…hecracked them ooooooout within supersonic teeth they tickle, my wisetooth are out..determined, fast and like a microscopic butcher




In the missing on my lovely and funky books that are packed in boxes in a sunny part of Europe…Just got a special delivery from graaand  friend with snacks to feed the curious hunger of science. Did a scientiic/design thesis back in 2003… The last conclusion shouting at the theory of chaos I (link) and II (link) concept was that we are all connected in a strange way (…) and thus my hunger and various tries to start a creative interlink (..) all in perspective, curious how many different types of waves got spun since then!! Sunday cacooonng and onion peeling the connected concept!



found this marshmellow threw  the design blog and had to hang on my wall, a gigantic pillow wall? why dont we have elastic walls? are the surfaces we walk on to hard for our feet anatomy?one of the huggeble design projects that has crossed my eyeballs! check out more innovation sensation by matsysdesign

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