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found this at my friends  treasures at almostvelvet where nadi posts on some amazing finds, this little cream punch by kim simonsson makes the nose wrinkle and smile, from the exposition duality, gives stimula to the brainos, are u dual? how dual are u? am i triual?


much more here at almostvelvet casa

time off surface

as vacation ends and starts in different parts of the world, and the working hours do last pushes, or the antennas relaxe- the brain goes to hibernation and re surfaces at other points than rutine vertices, or does it? how do we stretch the surface


by stretcher richard sweeney

the imaginaginary reform


yuima nakazato

typo extravaganza


brian banton on behace

movable geometria

Deployable/Transformable Structures from Daniel Piker on Vimeo.



materialecology via core.form-ula

couch surfing

would be funky to surf on this sofa in a wrooom!

shaper: phillipgrass

scriptly amazing


@ THEVERYMANY moooore!

Wii Spray


WiiSpray Teaser from Martin Lihs on Vimeo.

Wii Spray has been spotted, would be funki to try it out,
no toxins and guess no need to change the caps all the time, but nuthing like the olschool one, but if this one u could rotate in 3d, now there would be a different moove groove!! and changing the physicality of the spray, like gum, plaster, espuma?


source juxtapoz

zoom in on blue

fractalian visuals of space cams snapping the earth, zoom in…


nasa earthobservatory

Vortices, Greenland Sea

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