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by nick van woert


memory..I guess its not how much time u dedicate to study it, but what system to learn it, linking it in the best way so it gets glued in the mind, sythesis linked in tight weave, and easy and fast to acess…but in reality I don’t remember much, maybe that’s why everyday seemed new, but maybe lately I am storing too much… I read somewhere, that if someone could remember it all, they´d go crazy..

how do u store your info? if all memories are separate, and if we link each memorie/ draw more lines between the memory points? with others, would we then find our thoughts quicker, remember more? optiimize?




In the missing on my lovely and funky books that are packed in boxes in a sunny part of Europe…Just got a special delivery from graaand  friend with snacks to feed the curious hunger of science. Did a scientiic/design thesis back in 2003… The last conclusion shouting at the theory of chaos I (link) and II (link) concept was that we are all connected in a strange way (…) and thus my hunger and various tries to start a creative interlink (..) all in perspective, curious how many different types of waves got spun since then!! Sunday cacooonng and onion peeling the connected concept!

“reality is the limits we put on ourselves”


moment snatched by thomas brown threw its nice that


from flicker stream checkout

i just digs this flowbeat! it started as a child where i had these tremendous blobby visuals in my head, gigaaantic oversized visual flows. First i got scared cause i thought i was having a heartbreak or something, then i started to lov´em. After then living along wooden structures, where these shapes jump up in every wood slice, and i got hooked! it wasn´t so easy to find stuff bout it back then, but now with info spread i manage to feed my curiosity, so wanted to share on of the favorite pieces by roxy pain, there´s an interview about him here, the machines are spraying the sculpture in random, so it kinda machine made but still increadibly flowzy and blobby, which is one of the artists central threads “the tension between organic and man-made environments” more recent pieces include Dendroids based on vascular networks, tree roots, industrial piping, and fungal mycelia

puzzled generation


are we? is me? parallel puzzlers? multilayered thinkers?  spiderweb souls? geharddemetz
has some sculpts that somhow makes me buzz a thought round that, triggered by almostvelvet

legolayered face


lego play taken a step further, build houses in lego? a playground? whatever one sets the mind to? forming own realities? shapes and buidingbloks? is the net faceless? which faces do we share? hide? expose? stairs in lego? a car? what would u legofy? check out a the lego master for more dimensions blogged by boredpanda


found this at my friends  treasures at almostvelvet where nadi posts on some amazing finds, this little cream punch by kim simonsson makes the nose wrinkle and smile, from the exposition duality, gives stimula to the brainos, are u dual? how dual are u? am i triual?


much more here at almostvelvet casa

in the making

so if there is a maker inside of us trying to make something, what is it really that we are trying to make? create? construct? envision? reform? remake? what is it we would really like to make? is it just the pleasure of making? if u would have a blank sheet and a week on a deserted island with basic needs covrerd and great music, what would u make?

LEGO – LEGO TOWERS from BIG on Vimeo.

the imaginaginary reform


yuima nakazato

gravity art

one of my dreams is to make a fluid sculpture in a spacestation, and mainly experiment with fluids and forms in that gravity, untill then , here´s some zero grav munch

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