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what makes us belive in our self? doubt? I guess external injections and people are of great importance, but even if they belive or not, what makes us belive in ourselves? And why do we doubt in ? When we are small we belive easier and everything is fresh and new, we are curious and we jump into things more rapidly, we have doodles that gives us hope and adults that have faith that we can be what we want to be, theen rules and experience kicks in and maybe in cases paths that should be so and so for a specific task, and our imaginations get helped and maybe handicapped in the process? We start beliving that ways to take are from the societies established and trained and wise secure paths on previous inputs, now im not saying that hard work towords a desired path is undesired, but what if what we learn and experience as the way to this and that shuld one day be reinvented and everyone had to think for himself how to reach their wishes instead og the precious establish paths. I guess there courage lurks in, the againt the odds, but for creative thought, and trail. What makes us believe? Apparently the human has a brain structure that attracts us to the mystical, that’s why atheists are a minority, so attraction for the unknown is part of our systems, why then do we fall into the repetition.. chasing life and love… that can challenge and cacoon us simultaneously…


Principles of geometry + AntiVJ: a stereoscopic show from AntiVJ on Vimeo.

So i´m sitting here a late nigher with this shorties maybe to be. Renders, tutorials and chunks of video and 3d play-dough puff around me. Between the waits popped in vimeo on the waiting and found this skeleton piece, although a little tired to activate braincells, interesting how much structure and skeletons and layers there are behind every piece, how will our own skeletons develop in the future, neck-bends and stronger mouse clicking muscles? or will we develop to different cross species? how will our skeletons look? If my cells would be spread in the universe, maybe a piece of me will then land on a different planet…


still strange for me to digest that we have so much water particles, and insted of a mass, its just tiny pieces glued to form what the senses perceive, if u could just change into different shapes for a day, how would they be? And if you would magically shapeshift to a raindrop (which started jumping on my window), guess would be some funky and supersonicly raw visuals on the way down from the cloud! yeah! Wonder how the different surroundings would feel depending of what the particle is a part of! hmm, okay, back to original shape for now..coffe and plasma lights, and vision and inspiration from a particular and peculiar particle visual smasher Sooz

All that is solid melts into the air. from Sooz on Vimeo.


underwater beauty flowing up to land…


surfaced from the underwaters by timothy horn

forget or not forget

Forget from Michael Fragstein on Vimeo.

strange what we keep in and block out the wrinkled mushed brain of ours, found this video, enjoying the visualia of the anime, though should hit the shower, kidnapp mi self out the house , think this lazy dazing is just mmmm


Lisa Germano – From A Shell

beatbox blues, loose goose and time scratching humming zuus

scooping threw the musika services like, spotify (like itunes, but all full length- and free) and in search for those little different sounds! and funky music treasure I fooound!!
the treassure digg up is a crunch munch of a sound coctail,
mixed and shaken in that funki way that makes the eardrum hair dance!!
imagine raechel from bladerunner and a funky future retro bar concerthall
atmosphere surounded by hitech trombone speakers with son of david flowzing out!

short documentary

Son of Dave covers Daft Punk “Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger”


sharp lensed

christopher griffith clean razor cut photography cathes the eye, still having this pic in
my oldie  schetchbook , curious to pass it again, and check out his other momentos…


check out his rolls

source booooooom

fluid poetry – cent

fluid poetry.. gravity pleasure at

zom threw more

i dont know what u say

Le Hammond Inferno – Speech Default

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