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Archived entries for color



when strangeness and coincidence comes together, it makes me mind wonder



chunks of ice In the flusher hanging out there..looks quite funny.. cleaning up all the mess have been making…



cloned from iso50

we did the science polonaise with vodka and mind fusion art scienceand a social obserations… and dancing, elephants, spinalcords, genetics,, tectonic plates, antibodiies, microbiology, techno micro shapes of miicropes, the dna, cross breeding miinds and boardflows, phærmones and what we look for geneticly,blootypes 0rh+



how much does color actually effect our mood? and how much impact do the lightwaves we absorb daily have on our state?

i stole this from  abduzeedo, and it iz made by systemkings where u  can capture the color variation changes, what if coffy would be pink?


The importance of ending-points, where ideas turn to reality, concepts does vitality, grid of thought to finishing a thought plot, from imagination to the ending sensation focus station.

Warped Stellation by matt shlian

studies of polyhedra

pixel juice


funky photoset at flickr by jared

when will i have a spaceship?

as air regulations need to be revised, how will  the airgrid be, will we start building cloud houses? live in zeppelins, summer out at the new height station? how much effect could space cars have on a civilization? i would like a mantaray shaped one..
by John Berkey


how many more dimensions dimensions can we find? there is a string theory that tries to explain 11 of them.. far have we come?


andy gilmores site via iso50

the now – the new future?


by ricky allman

scripted triangulation


with spring that jumped in decided its about time to post some colors.
There´s something up with triangulation rotating in the minds the latest times,picassos going threw scripts? anyway here,s a little link to
jonathan puckey that scripts in adobe illustror!! woot?? check it out, and more bout the geometria Delaunay triangulation, i´m looking fwd to having a little time  and update clean up the imigration of my blog, a little more time…and strart posting more visual experiences!

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