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Nokta . from Onur Senturk on Vimeo.





In the missing on my lovely and funky books that are packed in boxes in a sunny part of Europe…Just got a special delivery from graaand  friend with snacks to feed the curious hunger of science. Did a scientiic/design thesis back in 2003… The last conclusion shouting at the theory of chaos I (link) and II (link) concept was that we are all connected in a strange way (…) and thus my hunger and various tries to start a creative interlink (..) all in perspective, curious how many different types of waves got spun since then!! Sunday cacooonng and onion peeling the connected concept!

puzzled generation


are we? is me? parallel puzzlers? multilayered thinkers?  spiderweb souls? geharddemetz
has some sculpts that somhow makes me buzz a thought round that, triggered by almostvelvet



found this marshmellow threw  the design blog and had to hang on my wall, a gigantic pillow wall? why dont we have elastic walls? are the surfaces we walk on to hard for our feet anatomy?one of the huggeble design projects that has crossed my eyeballs! check out more innovation sensation by matsysdesign

creamy blues

from the visual munch of dvein   Dvein: F5 Titles from F5 on Vimeo.

retro cream


can the past be modified by present, and future the now? nadia planted..
retrocausuality mindweaving threw, can some people only see in 2d? whoot dimension is cut out?

flowzy string interiorizingcream

elbe  philharmonik to open gates in 2012, hamburg. visuals seem quite floxy,..


vitual tour clicking here

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