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ernesto neto and  ‘Transmission’ from MORPHOLOGIC on Vimeo.

“To dream anything that you want to dream. That’s the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do. That is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed.” —  Bernard edmonds via nadine holland




…simple…yet complicated …soo complicated buttt yiiet sooooo simple…


from flicker stream checkout

i just digs this flowbeat! it started as a child where i had these tremendous blobby visuals in my head, gigaaantic oversized visual flows. First i got scared cause i thought i was having a heartbreak or something, then i started to lov´em. After then living along wooden structures, where these shapes jump up in every wood slice, and i got hooked! it wasn´t so easy to find stuff bout it back then, but now with info spread i manage to feed my curiosity, so wanted to share on of the favorite pieces by roxy pain, there´s an interview about him here, the machines are spraying the sculpture in random, so it kinda machine made but still increadibly flowzy and blobby, which is one of the artists central threads “the tension between organic and man-made environments” more recent pieces include Dendroids based on vascular networks, tree roots, industrial piping, and fungal mycelia

winters melts into springs! finally

tomorow officially the seasons change,  should new year be moved to this date? various opinions, but it feels good, its been a long winter wonderland! time to stretch out  again *O.=*

a different lecture of architecture – kokkugia



blueberry sky breeze

Sitting here, while friends siestaing and refueling for night…
Enjoying the sky breeze and wifisurf alimentation…
Stars shinig and sky very darkblue, above there is some strange mixture of african and asian fusion sounds, and the clouds are kinda pinkish..all the lights on the other rooftops are muuted, and venus is hanging out again…It creates a new atmosphere in the air in the cooling air…sometime its amazing how a place, neighbour hoodie, city can fill up inject a good vibe, and gets the smilo back in…
in this live chillout session thingy going on… it is amazing how this city breathes..anyways found this mr serrano that made pleasure for the eye and flow for the soul, and the waterdrop ,a tribute to water, it captures its movement and beauty..mhmmmm

sure thang

St Germain Sure Thing


more fluid

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