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marion lanemel7ed by we love our work


Flipping threw Norwegian scenarios in the fjordlandic landscaping,,
skylines went pink, and surfers mist the sun-setting waters when sun zooms threw the fluffy clouds. would be great to kidnapp Alibabas flying carpet and zoom swoosh threw them all! Funky how sceenographers daily change their surroundings threw the world of dream-reality…think this stringspun shortie by walter 5.15 funks the visual buds ;P

Cyanide Breathmint from Walter5.15 on Vimeo.


how much time is used on autopilots? how do crowds form and new situations modify the view of the past? how do poeople find protection within groups, tribes and bubbles? And do autopilots have other autopilots?

“‘No Keyframes’, which is based entirely on automated setups. Each scene represents a specific functionality, which in itself generates interesting effects. The film shows spheres as they travel through various environments, interacting with elements in these environments and causing different reactions in each of them. Contrary to the approach taken in classic keyframe animation it was important to us to create self-sustaining models whose behavior was controlled by the rules of physics, similar to a real-world physical environment.”

No_keyframes from 1st on Vimeo.


let yourself feel. from Esteban Diácono on Vimeo.


via spacecollective more about the artist

once in a while there are things that get created with a increadible
sense of aesthetix, and there are projects that make the body
go whaooow and numbnessness!! one of the places where i find
projects is at, guess its where the normal lines
are broken down to the fantasy that creates a evolution with boundry
less frames…simply flowlicious poetry

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