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tv maybe threw iso50 and carribean-sunset colors



Egyptrixx – Start from the Beginning from Datdatdat / A. N. Fischer on Vimeo.

eggplummed by daquar

Sometimes i just get stuck.. its like a glitch i can´t get out of, i loop and its just no way out, its all grey, pavement like, and paper dry, and i get more grey on myself for beeing grey, and then i got this feel of biting something, and i dont think my teeth are growing out, just get my head in this stuupid box.. and everything sucks, untill i let it go and reach out..then i get colors in again, its like someone  just colored me in… like a coloring book…thank you..





by weaved by eno henze

more on zebra duiker and antelopes, stotting, inertia aligment, lighter, flow curwes, cleanups, inject, inoppositium, ….milkbar, spacetornados, memory, motivation, strangness, energy kicks, TOK, coincidence…simplicity once copy in my newer posts in here *=.o* / all artist names update will soon!



just peeped threw todayandtomorrow and saw this snap by marching ants, its a dust storm from sydney from the 23rd!!!  Been swoosjing threw the orange color inside the scull for two days now, strange coincidence!! eyebrow flexing!! Read somewhere sometime that orange had hallucinogenic properties, once painted the floor of my studio orange. tangerine mood lifter! Think its a eyewidening and mind glowing color. Guess red dust would be hammering on the spooks if sydney would be dressed in red….check out more eyecatch of photographical momentum snatch here!

Its 21 years since my little brother pooped out yesterday, so big reunites, airport and baloon  & bubbled  & buddies nights and orange hug bites to thee  <3



(thougts) gridsphere by mars-1

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