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Archived entries for organika

focus (.)

from multple channels, windows, multitasking, pararell info injection, how doeas the wired and weblifted gen focus?

focus from Castll on Vimeo.

scriptly amazing


@ THEVERYMANY moooore!

underwater opera flow

from the movement snatcher of massive attack sly found this video made by Stephane Sednaoui

Noriko Ambe

layering paper and book surgery with amazing funky visual poetry to it,reading between the lines in a different way…


more visuals


via spacecollective more about the artist

once in a while there are things that get created with a increadible
sense of aesthetix, and there are projects that make the body
go whaooow and numbnessness!! one of the places where i find
projects is at, guess its where the normal lines
are broken down to the fantasy that creates a evolution with boundry
less frames…simply flowlicious poetry

wishlist *O.=*

*O.=*/have  a skyloskope (telesope)that hung my eye that would be sumethang sumethang

a High Speed Camera

stylize a zero gravity movie

a fishtank kan make dye experiments in

a funky underwaterplant and a nudibrunch or two

a hooverboard (for land and water)

make a music video

make scenography and costume for a skate opera

island jump indonesia

crib in formentera

a Dodge Superbee shark  in fuxsia

a colorful indian feather crown

make plaster label

make that ng

make a transportable home

make modules

drink coconut milkshake at aurora

learn to blay the basse

get a drumset

start dancingschool

make zg expo

redo the pillow camp


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