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via iso50 CASSIUS/sound of violence /and secretsunII by tanya johnston



After moving away from my BCN homey crib, I´m notice the impact of the sun and the streetvibe, I always filled my energy tanks just taking a walk on those streets, and zooming with my mental cam,used to looking strangers in the eyes ..smiles, observe and see funny rarieties that makes it fun.
I miss that, yet there are always exeptions, which makes me think bout the good energy hot spots of other cities..  where there is much mashups – and a different vibe from the rest, and how we search for vibes we´ve experienced before, past vibes as fuel or a carrot?



visulized by pandayoghurt

relexing back i wouldn´t change the past, s retro casuality does backflips, would u?

whatz thee perspective on perspective? :P


fantastic worlds of david schleinkofer

retro cream


can the past be modified by present, and future the now? nadia planted..
retrocausuality mindweaving threw, can some people only see in 2d? whoot dimension is cut out?


back to front or front to back, as siding in timezones, the retro ambasador iso50 posted some of these retro futurettes that  had to re-copied from the expo of 67, off  the record, have been painting lately, and many geometria traianglia spiked grids,  somhow a metaphora for connections and relation-ships, triangled grids..


retro futura anime

Justice – DVNO from Freedom Record on Vimeo.

retro f illustrations

timeless sound

Glacier hug

Flipping threw pages on flickr on glaciers, many visual islands to cover.. nature freezing, melting and shaping into huggable frozen archi-techonic flowzy villages, with colors and tones that chill and raw the planets landescapes, there was one that stood out, here´s something to this glacier feel that melts it for mi visual antennas


source: flickr user bseltenright user profile

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