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…simple…yet complicated …soo complicated buttt yiiet sooooo simple…


Drone from A. N. Fischer on Vimeo.

wikipedia ´bout Graviton



find artist!!

since small  got ear swoosh by the family that I´m the strong one… But what does it mean to be strong? And how does strength isolate feelings?The stronger the wall the longer the defrost?

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”.- darwin



(thougts) gridsphere by mars-1


how much time is used on autopilots? how do crowds form and new situations modify the view of the past? how do poeople find protection within groups, tribes and bubbles? And do autopilots have other autopilots?

“‘No Keyframes’, which is based entirely on automated setups. Each scene represents a specific functionality, which in itself generates interesting effects. The film shows spheres as they travel through various environments, interacting with elements in these environments and causing different reactions in each of them. Contrary to the approach taken in classic keyframe animation it was important to us to create self-sustaining models whose behavior was controlled by the rules of physics, similar to a real-world physical environment.”

No_keyframes from 1st on Vimeo.

a clean echo?

Tales of the Unexpected from More Soon on Vimeo.

rting with video and sound editing, something havent touch much for more than 30 months, curious how the echo reflects in sound and motion…

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