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While zuzing threw walls of designschools,  captured  attentions was the car designers, they were bending the forms, and most of the vehicles were bending towods spaceship and organic mashups, they were always rounding the surfaces of the edges and bending it toward new nows, this flesher hummer stimulates the wheeled vision to a different plane…

“The Over P001 GBF project with its motto of “Future is Over,” is the result of a collaboration of world-class experts, the great Argentine motor racing driver – José Froilán González and former Ferrari engineer – Giotto Bizzarrini, reflected in the acronym GBF, from González–Bizzarrini-Futuro.” more here


Dodge Superbee Salt Flats color test by Vita Brevis Films from VITA BREVIS on Vimeo.

I see miself in-spired by this superbee ..strange but had a picture within a collage in my bathroom in my last crib!…but didn´t know what gearer it was…found!

in the middle

As zero gravity of bouncing and slow motion movements exists, along with the gravity we are used to here on earth, what about other gravities? is there a +1, +20 gravity, is our gravity in the middle? and what would it be the middle of? would we be supersonicly fast in +1 gravity, or compressed to extrem heavyness?


Falling asleep with a bunch under the sky addicted on old movies seen last when could barely speak, with visitors and new inputs and much comedy from  the homeyland, makes us transport to the other realities for a little while, from the other side of the movemented snatchers in plasma coats, a spikee lee movie Where the Wild Things Are coming out, to burtons alice in wonderland stirring the imaginary world, to the tron remake zooming threw soon, some visulal candy to look fwd to… and as dowloads increase, cinematic screening shifts slowly to the 3d much can we change the experience of screening movies? tbc..

when will i have a spaceship?

as air regulations need to be revised, how will  the airgrid be, will we start building cloud houses? live in zeppelins, summer out at the new height station? how much effect could space cars have on a civilization? i would like a mantaray shaped one..
by John Berkey

Bicycle Rodeo

source hypebeast

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